Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

The best foods to eat to lose weight have 3 qualities. They are also very delicious! And good for you! You don’t have to restrict yourself while on a diet if you know the best foods for weight loss.

Yep – you read that last sentence correctly.

You don’t have to starve yourself or feel deprived to get the pounds off. In fact, you can eat to your hearts content. You can enjoy tasty satisfying food.

If you know which foods are best and which ones will stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat and calories, you can eat well and lose weight fast.

Best Foods To Eat to Lose Weight

1- They Taste Good

If your food doesn’t taste good you won’t stick with the program. You won’t lose weight if you hate the food. And you have to eat to get the weight off to keep your metabolic fire burning.

2- They’re Healthy

They to be low fat and low calorie for the fastest weight loss

3- They’re Foods That Create Calorie Burn

Negative calorie foods actually create additional calorie burn just to digest them. They burn more calories digesting and processing them than the calories in the actual food itself. So they create a calorie deficit. And calorie deficits lead to pounds lost.

A few of these foods are: apples, strawberries, pineapple, and celery. There are many other fruits and vegetables that fit in to this negative calorie burn category. For the fastest weight loss you will include these types of fat burning healthy foods in every meal.

I lost 13 pounds in 14 days enjoying the best foods to eat to lose weight! This weight loss plan is so simple; you can begin to lose weight immediately and start seeing results you want!