The Best Foods for Fat Burning

There are as many diets as there are overweight people. All the diets claim to have the answer. The problem is we still have a problem with people being overweight and obese. Some diets are based on calorie counting, others on exercise and some on dropping food groups. This last group be very careful as these diets rarely work and most of the time you end up gaining more weight than when you started.

Most diets forget or fail to tell everyone the whole story. This is because it will not sell books or pills, potions or shakes. People today are looking for the quick 30 pounds in 30 day diets or the super dietary supplement that will allow you to burn fat without changing your eating habits.

If you are overweight or obese, this is determined by the amount you are overweight, you have probably tried many diets and have failed. One of the reasons is that when people go on a diet they think short term and do not realize that once you go on a true diet you will need to stay on it the rest of your life. You cannot go back to eating late night snacks or a whole box of ice cream and expect to stay slim.

When you diet you need a good balance between what you eat and exercise. Through in goal setting and behavioral changes, eating habits, you now have a well rounded diet program that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

In any diet the best foods for fat burning are the foods that force the body to burn more calories than the food contains. There are more of these foods than most people realize. Forget potato chips, creams and dips and processed foods and snacks. You need to concentrate on good quality foods and most of these are pretty good tasting foods too.

Starting with meats you want to concentrate on lean red meats, poultry such as chicken without the skin and turkey. Turkey being the best as it is extremely lean and loaded with nutrients that the body needs. Do not forget the vegetables and fruits. These also help the body better digest foods and give the body certain critical nutrients. These foods also provide the body with fiber. Fiber cannot be digested by the body but the body will burn calories to try and then the fiber acts like a cleaner for the digestive tract carrying many toxins that your body does not need out as waste.

Whole grains and oats are another good source of fiber and nutrients. These foods are complex carbohydrates with a healthy dose of fiber and because it takes the body longer to digest again the body needs to expend more calories than it will receive from these foods. Now having oatmeal with a large amount of sugar to sweeten it is defeating the burning properties of the foods.

Toady you can easily get sodas and fruit drinks that are low in sugar or no sugar at all. These drinks will again help the body expend energy to digest. These foods along with a well balanced exercise regimen will help you lose weight and keep it off.