The Best Foods to Burn Fat and Lose

Today many diets try to sell you supplements and pills to help you burn fat. The body can do this naturally with the correct foods. Foods such as lean red meats chicken, seafood, pork, vegetables and fruits are necessary to burn fat off of the body. Whole grains instead of processed grains are also fat burning foods.

By eating these and more foods that increase the metabolism without adding calories are what the body needs to overcome the excessive weight that you might be carrying. The body does not need all the excess fat that we carry today. In almost every case people who are overweight or obese live shorter lives and have many more ailments. Being obese may not be on the death certificate but it can usually be the cause of most diseases such as heart disease, liver and kidney failure and many more. We term this disease diabetes.

Foods such as certain peppers are great fat burning foods. Unfortunately not everyone can eat these hot peppers. Peppers such as Habanero, jalapeno, and Cayenne peppers or their powder all have a chemical called capsicum and this chemical increases the metabolism. If these peppers or their powders are included in your daily meals you can burn up to an extra 1000 calories a day.

If peppers are not your favorite foods then you need to eat more fruits and vegetables along with fish, poultry, pork, and lean red meats. These will allow your body to burn more calories than they take in. Pepper are on the far end of the spectrum, vegetables and fruits are filling foods with both nutrients that the body needs to spend calories to digest and they contain fiber. Fiber is something the body cannot break down but the body still expends calories in trying to. The fiber also acts like a digestive cleaner to the digestive tract. This is what you want foods that force the body to spend energy but have little or no calories in them.

A dieter friendly food is both tuna and turkey. There are many ways to eat them and they both have different ways they help the body increase its metabolism. Tuna has a chemical that reduces the hormone level of leptin. Scientists believe that lower levels of leptin in the body help the metabolism increase its fat burning properties. Turkey is a lean protein which also increases the body’s metabolism. The body must use more calories to digest a protein and lean proteins offer little or no calories to offset this metabolic expenditure.

Having a diet with the correct foods is as important as exercise in the diet plan. With the fat burning qualities of certain foods and exercise you can lose weight and keep it off. A total and complete weight loss program that includes the best foods to burn fat, goal setting, behavioral changes and exercise are all necessary to lose weight.