The Best Foods To Gain Weight

Are you trying to hunt down the best foods to gain weight?

If you are, congratulations! Most people trying to figure out how to gain weight fast just assume that any food is a good food to do it, and that if they eat enough of it that they will pack on pounds of muscle in no time flat. What they fail to realize is that gaining weight is a bit of a science and an art form.

You can definitely raid the cookie jar, and start cramming junk food down your throat like it’s going out of style, and YOU WILL add pounds…but not the right kind of weight. You’ll more or less add FAT to your body, and not muscle. If you are trying to add a few pounds, I’m sure the goal is to add lean muscle, and not to look like Fat Albert, right?

Below, I’m going to break down some of the categories, and specific types of things to eat that make it on the best foods to gain weight list. There is enough variety that even a picky eater can find enough things that they like to come up with options that they can live with.

Protein based foods to add muscle and pounds – Meals with a lot of protein top the list of the best foods to gain weight. Some of the most common options include things like fish, turkey, chicken, red meats (Steaks, and lean ground beef), dairy products, eggs, soybeans, nuts, legumes, ham, pork, shellfish, scallops, lamb, tofu, protein supplements.

As you can see, the double cheese burger from McDonald’s didn’t make the list. Sure it is red meat (or is it?), but it’s not “lean” and will more than likely lead to a huge burst of fat hitting your system that very well might counteract all the hard work you are doing as you work towards your goal of gaining weight.

Healthy Fat sources – These should only make up about 10% of your total caloric intake for any given day for best results. Foods such as almonds, sunflower oil, walnuts, flax seed oil, peanuts, and peanut butter comprise some of the best “fatty foods” that you can have to gain weight. Do you see a theme there? Nuts – You need to eat lots of nuts.

Carbohydrate sources – Healthy carbs are an imperative piece of the puzzle for those trying to add lean muscle to their frame. Following, you will find some of the healthiest, and most effective options available. fruits, brown rice, whole grain breads & cereals, bagels, oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, legumes, cream-of-wheat, pretzels, and yams. Surely you can find at least a couple options there that you like, right?

While selecting the best foods to gain weight, keep in mind that the food and calories that you put into your body play a large role in what kind of results you will ultimately see. If you eat the right kind of food, chances are good that your body will reward you with a few pounds of rock hard, lean muscle. Eat the wrong things, and your body will simply start packing on fat, and you’ll be sloppy and hanging out of your clothes before you know it.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to continue to be skinny! You can end the name calling and build confidence in the way you look just by doing what someone in your shoes has already done.