What Is The Best Food to Lose Weight

There is simply tons of information about diet plans to lose weight, but sometime what is needed is not complex diets, just better eating habits. All the information on diets can make it more of a challenge to focus on the best food to lose weight.

Before talking about the best foods to lose weight it is important to look at the factors that affect any weight loss meal plans.

1. You will lose weight only if you burn more energy than you take in

The most important fact is that you need to balance your energy intake with the amount of energy you burn. So if you eat less and do more exercise you should lose weight, but the type of food you eat makes a big difference.

2. The rate at which you burn energy has an impact on how much you can eat without putting on weight

The rate you burn energy is called your metabolic rate. Some people burn energy faster. You may have heard that starving yourself can slow down your metabolic rate. This does not happen overnight or even within a few days or weeks. If you have been eating more than you require for a long time, you can really cut back on what you are eating for a week or two and it should do you some good, rather than harm you.

3. Activity and exercise burns energy and therefore promotes weight loss

It is better to eat and exercise to burn off energy than to try to lose weight without doing any physical activity. Even if you decide to do a juice diet you should exercise.

4. It is better to eat five or six small meals than one or two large meals

Digesting a meal uses energy so proportionally you use more energy if you eat several smaller meals. It also helps your stomach to adjust to smaller portions so you feel full more quickly.

Rather than cut down on everything eat the best food to lose weight and food that will fill you up without adding loads of calories. Also think about the cooking method you are using, fried foods and foods with lots of butter, sugar or oil added have many more calories.

Here is a list of the best food and drink to lose weight:

  1. Natural foods rather that processed foods — choose organic if you can
  2. Raw foods or lightly cooked foods
  3. Pure mineral water — essential to support your body in burning energy
  4. Foods loaded with water, fiber and air — e.g. fruits, soups, low-fat milk and yogurt, non starchy vegetables, whole grain foods
  5. Fish and white meats such as chicken without the skin.